Design & Rewiring

The life of any machine is dependant on the design of the machine. So machine design in terms of electrical or mechanical, plays very important role. The proper selection of electrical elements, their capacities, sizes, types, makes, class, availability etc. is very important in machine tool.
We have experienced team of machine tool engineers for electrical design and retro fitment.
Sinutech’s design department is equipped with professional design tools like Eplan & Autocad . This enables to create world class electrical schematics.
The design team takes care of proper documentation of retrofitted machine. They takes care of timely updating of backups after minor or major changes in wiring or PLC logics.

Over the period of time, panel wires or machine wires reduces life because of atmospheric effects such as heat, pollution, coolant, oil, continuous bending through drag chains etc. So most of the customer prefer to change the field wiring at reduced cost.
Sinutech will make your task easy. The experienced service team plans the work efficiently at reduced time and converts back your machine for production.

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