Panel Building

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of a panel represents its capability for operating in a disturbed environment while limiting its own disturbing emissions.
Some devices generate disturbance on their upstream or downstream circuits: variable speed drives, frequency converters, switch mode power supplies, etc. The most appropriate treatment is to arrange a filter on the disturbed line, as close as possible to the polluting device.
Use shielded cables :
Analogue sensor signals and data flows are sensitive to interference. Shielded cables are used to convey them. These cables are also used to execute variable speed drive/ motor links generating less interference.
Importance of the panel layout :
If high-power and low-power devices are juxtaposed without taking precautions and if cables of different kinds are routed in the same raceways, serious malfunctions are likely.

You must have heard or read about above these terms ……
As a standard professional panel builder, we take care of following things and many more
Electro Magnetic Compatibility [EMC]
Proper design & selection of panel materials & components
Proper selection of cables for proper application
Panel layout which isolates power & control wiring to reduce EMI noise
Selection of line filters and line reactors
Selection of panel coolers as per calculation of total heat dissipation of heat generating elements like drives, contactors, transformers, filters etc.
Protective Earth (PE) plays very important role in CNC and PLC panels. Design and layout of PE conductors inside panel.
Proper handling of Electro Static Sensitive Devices (ESD)
Partition, ventilation, IP protection, care for panel transportation
Surge arrestors, surge suppressors etc….

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